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by Okami

Okami is a clothing brand for men focused on comfort. We have 4 distinctive lines: Basics, Tech, Lounge and Fun, we offer underwear, sleepwear and lounge wear items in all 4 lines. You might wonder what Okami means: We...

Californian Spirit, Brazilian Touch
by Dal Costa Beachwear

Healthy Lifestyle, nature and sports are in evidence and nothing more natural than searching for inspiration in a place that offers all of that: California beaches. That was the starting point for designing Dal Costa...

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What is the “theme” of your store?

A luxurious lingerie lounge.

How do you want your customer to view your store?

We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional experience to everyone who walks in Embrasse-Moi! We aim to empower every woman, making her feel comfortable, sophisticated, sexy in her own skin. We want to spoil her with our luxurious products and service.

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