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Headquartered in Australia

KISSKILL was launched in 2013 out of Australia's fashion hub, Melbourne. The independent label, co owned by two long- term fashion industry professionals, resonates beautiful, high quality lingerie with a focus on fashion. Designer and founder Jane takes inspiration from the fashion world, believing lingerie should be seen and styled as outerwear. The KISSKILL woman dresses to KILL, embracing a modern, edgy style that is part of her everyday wardrobe. She blows a KISS as she conceals delicate lace and soft silk when wearing her lingerie at home. Jane also co-designs the collection 'Cheyenne for KISSKILL' with Australian super model Cheyenne Tozzi. Originally a muse for the brands launch, Cheyenne eventually collaborated with KISSKILL, designing her own pieces. Based in Sydney's beaches, Cheyenne's designs echo a Boho aesthetic, a stark contrast to KISSKILL's edgy, city vibe. Modelling since her teens, Cheyenne's exposure to designer clothing and fabrics is reflected in her piec

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Women's Bridal

Women's Foundation

Women's Sleepwear

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