Nikol Djumon

Headquartered in United States

Nikol Djumon Lingerie is erudite alchemy combining three basic components: Fashion, Style and Quality. Nikol Djumon creations reflect subtle sophistication with a hint of flair revealing the femininity in every woman by creating a resplendent, luxurious exhibition. Fashion collections are made out of different varieties of materials; a blend of embossed lace, embroidery, smooth microfiber and the finest fabrics, such as Bocelli and Sensitive Imago (both Italian); combine to create a unique mood in women. Nikol Djumon lingerie, is made of eco-friendly textiles, which mold to the curves of the body, but do not constrict movement. The lingerie is breathable, soft to the touch, environmentally friendly, has antibacterial properties, is very comfortable and has an important advantage: the ease of care and comfort of wearing it. Nikol Djumon lingerie helps to restore balance in women silhouettes and, at the same time, gives a sense of free movement while restoring the beauty and bala

This brand features:

Women's Corsetry

Women's Plus size

Women's Shapewear

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