Pleasure State

Headquartered in United States

Pleasure State is a designer label that reflects the style of the most discerning customer, creating especially for the eclectic and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Here, contemporary elegance, discreet luxury and ultimate comfort meet and blend to create a brand on the cutting edge of new styles and trends, designed to seduce and captivate. Pleasure State is about aligning lingerie styles with leading outerwear trends. It transposes prt--porter and couture collections' main influences and infuses them into exquisite and exclusive lingerie collections. The brand also finds inspiration in contemporary outerwear luxury fabrics. A new generation of woven fabrics, exclusive to Pleasure State, are creatively used for a more tailored look. Pleasure State captures the essence of what women want and how it makes them feel; playful, seductive and utterly spellbinding.

This brand features:

Women's Corsetry

Women's Foundation

Some products :