Jenette Bras
Los Angeles & Pasadena, CA

  • What is the “theme” of your store?

    Our slogan says it all: “The Alphabet Starts at ‘D’. Jenette Bras is laser-focused on providing the best possible fitting experience for the full-cup customer. Formerly over-developed and undeserved, she is now a member of an exclusive club, receiving better service and selection than her lightly bosomed sisters.

  • How do you want your customer to view your store?

    Our clients view Jenette Bras as a mecca, an oasis, a haven from the wretched quality, wrong-sizing and uncomprehending shopgirls in the mall.

  • What do you think was the hottest trend in 2016?

    Sad to say, it’s clearly the bralette, a garment with very limited application in our bosomy world. Much more cheering to us, however, is what I think will be the hottest trend of 2017: a slow but sure movement away from the fiber-fill molded cup, the round mound look that Americans have seen as “natural” since the 80’s. Even Victoria’s Secret is starting to put more emphasis on cut-and-sew cups and the alluring teardrop shape they create.

  • What do you love the most about working in the intimate apparel industry?

    Without doubt, the best thing about working in the intimate apparel industry is the close relationships we form with our clients. A woman’s underthings reflect the passages of her life from first bra through dating, work, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, divorce, getting your own talk show, coming out as a lesbian, running for public office… you know, the whole circle of life.

  • If you could pick any celebrity to appear in your store, who would it be?

    Sofia Vergara, because she is almost alone among busty celebs in going public with her true bra size (32FF). Most of them either sincerely don’t know, or are pretending to be double-D because they think anything bigger would make them sound freakish.

  • With intimate apparel becoming more and more of a street style today, how do you allow your store to adapt from the bedroom to the street?

    Jenette Bras was never a boudoir store. From the beginning we saw ourselves as a serious shop selling highly engineered and functional garments (which happen to also be beautiful) to accomplished professional women who NEED those garments. We do have sexy covered, but that is just one facet of a woman’s life.

  • What defines your store's shopping experience?

    There’s very little browsing at Jenette Bras. From the moment you walk in the door you are taken in hand by a skilled and ridiculously knowledgeable fitter who gently interviews you about your needs, sizes you with perfect accuracy (frequently on the first try), and brings you a series of options to try on. You do no searching, no trying on things that don’t fit. As she works, your fitter informs you about the nuances of various makes and describes her thinking as she moves up a cup-size (“this brand fits shallow in the cup”) or down a band size (“this one is a little stretchy”). This all takes place in our fit salon, which provides individual booths for privacy within a larger Women-Only space. On busy days there are many notes and jokes traded!

  • What are some of your personal favorite brands?

    We sell Empreinte, PrimaDonna, and Maison Lejaby all day long. KissKill is a great, ultra-chic loungewear brand. I love old-school Rago for shapewear.

  • With so many new brands out there and so much information sent to you through many different outlets, how does a new brand catch your eye?

    First of all they have to fit my demographic, i.e. full cup sizes. After that, excellent images and copy are really important. My customer is discerning and will be turned off by sloppy branding. And of course, quality, quality, quality. I like a brand that keeps a tight focus on what they do well. You don’t have to be all things to all women. Just solve one problem for me and be the best at that one, and I’ll love you forever!

  • What do you look forward to the most at CURVE?

    The whole experience of CURVE is stimulating, exhausting, exciting, and overwhelming! I love seeing my reps again, discovering new brands, catching up with industry gossip, and meeting my counterparts in other cities.