Digital Innovations at CURVE

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CURVE has been focusing on digital advancements that aim to provide exhibiting brands and attendees of their shows with a superior experience.

During past seasons, CURVENEWYORK has provided attendees with the ability to download a mobile app that offers them a variety of convenient digital tools. The app has extended its features to include a Show Planner, a Networking Tool, and a Personal Shopper. When utilizing the Show Planner, attendees can plan out their meetings to brands, browse their brand suggestions generated by the Personal Shopper tool, filter through product categories offered by exhibitors, and schedule the events that they plan to attend during the duration of the show. The Networking Tool allows exhibiting brands and attendees to directly interact on showsite via the app and exchange information.

An interactive floorplan within the app (as well as available on the CURVE website) allows attendees to easily navigate the show and search for brands to visit. The floorplan includes various filters, so buyers can find brands that offer specific product categories. This also increases the visibility of brands to buyers since they are featured not only on the map, but under each product category that they offer.

This upcoming August 2017 season, CURVE will be launching a new website that will continue to improve the experience of both exhibitors and attendees.

In addition to a new website for CURVE, Eurovet will also be launching a new digital platform coinciding with Mode City, called PLACE. This new platform is set to become the number one B2B marketplace for intimates, swimwear, and activewear. PLACE will focus on bringing together all exhibiting brands from Eurovet’s various tradeshows throughout the world and giving them a digital place to be featured year-round. Buyers, press and influencers will be able to come onto this site and sort through brand information, editorial content, and contact information so that they can discover and interact with these brands. This will be the first time that Eurovet is uniting their business sector with the entire global range into a single search engine.

Each season CURVE continues to work towards innovation on the digital tools that they offer, in efforts to increasingly offer effective tools to both exhibitors and attendees.