A natural, spontaneous and secure of herself, is the woman who inspires us to create garments with designs thought to enjoy sensuality every day.  We offer to modern women, with a dynamic and fresh lifestyle, an innovative option in silhouettes, prints and materials, which create the perfect balance between sensuality and comfort in each of our lines: intimate, leisurewear and pajamas.  Sensuality is enjoyed daily, and not only on special occasions. That is why our line of lingerie inspires the sensuality of each woman, through lace, transparencies, and silhouettes that highlight the female figure. Pajamas made with soft materials combine with sensual designs, which allows us to feel attractive and comfortable. Our Leisurewear line becomes the perfect complement to a casual look, an accomplice to reveal the essence of the Glish woman.  Glish … Sensuality for everyday.CURVE3-1-01