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Belle D’amour is here!

Belle D'amour is here! Prepare to be amazed with Belle D'Amour's exquisite couture lingerie. Come visit us during the show and be inspired by beauty. Let us take you where you only dare in your mind...Our website is ...

Fun, Sexy, Comfortable
by foxers

ABOUT FOXERS FOXERS is a boutique apparel brand that was created in 2007 by Founder and Designer, April Spring. Her philosophy is that clothing can be stylish, comfortable, and multi-functional. In 2006 she had a brains...

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What is the “theme” of your store?

1930’s Parisian back alley, with a nod to all the beautiful lingerie shops I came across during my travels through Europe, especially those I frequented while studying art and fashion in Paris.

How do you want your customer to view your store?

As a relaxing, creative place to think outside the box about lingerie and its place in our lives. Shopping for lingerie should be fun; answer the customer’s needs and make them look and feel great from the inside out. There’s more to it than simply making a t-shirt look good, or trying to please someone else, it’s for our selves.

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