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Why Curvexpo Stands Out in Market Research
by Ellen Lewis - Exclusive for Curvexpo

Why Curvexpo Stands Out in Market Research – By Ellen Lewis When I was young, at the ripe old age of 22, I fell into my first job in retailing. I was on the fence about this career path having studied art in school ...

Look and feel your best
by raz swimwear

About Raz Swimwear Amidst all the directions we’re pulled in today, it’s tough finding swimwear that helps you look and feel your best. RAZ Swimwear collection not only channels a woman’s inner beauty, but allow...

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What do you think was the hottest trend in 2014?

Embracing diversity whether it be size, skin tone, sexual orientation or gender identity.

What defines your stores shopping experience?

We have all of our bras in showcases so that the woman does not feel responsible for picking out her size. We have very spacious dressing rooms with couches and chairs, so friends, family, and partners can share the experience if they chose. Gazebo is a little on the laid back side, so as not to intimidate the customer. We also carry lines from the Visr Group, Jockey, Coobie, and other lines that are positioned in the lower end so that everyone can find something within their budget.

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