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The sports bra on the Rise

By Karyn Monget   The sports bra business is poised for tremendous growth. As a result, a number of top brands will be answering the call at the CURVENY New York and [email protected] trade fairs with a motherlod...

Lingerie as contemporary art
by marlies dekkers

Marlies Dekkers, the cult Dutch underwear artist, wants to use your body as her canvas. Marlies, who shuns the lingerie tradition of lace, ribbon and frill, conceives bold, graphic conceptual looks using strap lattices a...

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What is the “theme” of your store?

Inside the Armoire is a high-end lingerie boutique located inside Wheatley Plaza, the sister-mall to Americana Manhasset, situated on the gold coast of Long Island. Customers stepping Inside the Armoire are treated to a shopping experience that focuses on customer service and providing a positive, “uplifting” atmosphere. The store itself is light, bright, feminine and inviting - all while maintaining an intimate setting.

How do you want your customer to view your store?

Inside the Armoire aspires to be known for expert bra fitting in sizes A-HH, establishing close relationships with our customers and offering an exquisite selection of foundation pieces, fashion bras, luxury sleepwear and soft loungewear.

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