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60 Years of Leonisa
by Leonisa

LEONISA 60 YEARS in THE ART OF BRA-MAKING CELEBRATE WITH US 6 DECADES OF SHARING OUR GREATEST PASSION WITH YOU.   To talk about the brand, Leonisa, is to talk about women and every meaning of this word...

Supporting Curves Since 1917
by Naturana

NATURANA intimate collection has a broad appeal for ladies who appreciate comfort, function and great quality in lingerie. We have built up a reputation for innovation and specially, figure flattering; all this at a rea...

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What is the “theme” of your store?

Our slogan says it all: “The Alphabet Starts at ‘D’. Jenette Bras is laser-focused on providing the best possible fitting experience for the full-cup customer. Formerly over-developed and undeserved, she is now a member of an exclusive club, receiving better service and selection than her lightly bosomed sisters.

How do you want your customer to view your store?

Our clients view Jenette Bras as a mecca, an oasis, a haven from the wretched quality, wrong-sizing and uncomprehending shopgirls in the mall.

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